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massimo buccioniI recall having always been attracted to the world of creation, preferring painting to other forms of artistic expression, which were nevertheless sources of inspiration.

At school, my first experiences of drawing already revealed a certain flair for draughtsmanship, but intensive study of pictorial techniques and language began at the age of eighteen when I had finished secondary school, in the workshop of Silvestro Pistolesi.
The experience of the workshop introduced me into the real world of painting, into its alchemy, the poetics of drawing and of colour.

The education I received was of an academic type, since Pistolesi himself was reared in the school of the master Pietro Annigoni, and hence passed down from father to son, from son to grandson; drawing from life was my training ground.

In that period the models of reference were landscapes, faces and objects; a journey thbuccionirough the real world to master its secrets, to grasp its soul… and at the same time, in this exclusive, intimate and at times even painful relationship, attempting to overcome one’s own limitations, to go beyond the object…

With Pistolesi I apprised a range of pictorial techniques: watercolour, acrylics, oils, chalk, sanguine, charcoal, mixed technique and mural painting, both “secco” (dry fresco) and fresco.

Over the years I have accompanied the master in his creation of frescoes in the churches of Italy and abroad, becoming his leading assistant, and over time I have acquired considerable technical expertise in the sphere of application to large surfaces.
My first public exhibitions began in 1988, and on each occasion I address different themes with a style that has evolved over time.